APC, Pediatric Endoscopy, pile banding

Hemorrhoids (Piles) is a very common problem encountered by all practitioners in field of Gastroenterology. Only a miniscule percentage of such cases need to actually undergo surgical treatment. Bright red blood in stool is very scary for the patient but rarely if ever life threatening. Treatment ranges from simple home remedies to medical treatment, sometimes non surgical procedures and rarely surgery; open or stapled hemorrhoidectomy. We provide the entire gamut of the therapeutic options for hemorrhoids. We pioneered IRC (Infrared coagulation) in the region by introducing it in 1998, Now we have also introduced endoscopic hemorrhoid band ligation about 4 yrs ago. Though we also have facility of sclerotherapy (Injections) and cryotherapy (freezing) these are no longer frequently used being obsolete technology with established complications. We have our own operation theater to perform open or stapled hemorrhoidectomy.